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Texas A&M University COVID-19 Reporting Data

Texas A&M University understands the importance of COVID-19 testing and the critical nature of sharing the data with the Aggieland community. In the Bryan-College Station area, Texas A&M has 64,054 students and 10,160 faculty and staff. The COVID-19 cases and testing reported on the Bryan-College Station campus will be posted here each week, though the data are monitored daily by our health experts and administration. We thank you in helping to keep Aggieland healthy and well because that is what will allow us to keep our classrooms open.

Historical COVID-19 Data for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 »

Weekly COVID-19 Testing Activity and Positivity at Texas A&M University
Week Ending Negative Positive Total Positivity (%)
Aug 21 2,207 139 2,346 5.9%
Aug 28* 28,193 774 28,967 2.7%
Sept 4* 21,129 1,116 22,245 5.0%
Sept 11* 26,382 1,498 27,880 5.4%
Sept 18 4,732 356 5,088 7.0%
Sept 25 4,025 196 4,221 4.6%
Oct 2 2,984 96 3,080 3.1%
Oct 9 2,855 88 2,943 3.0%
Total 92,507 4,263 96,770 4.4%

Positivity (%) is the proportion of all positive test results delivered out of all tests collected in the Bryan-College Station area. Tests (including students, faculty, staff and Texas A&M University contracted staff) are processed by Texas A&M University Student Health Services (SHS), the Texas A&M University Global Health Research Complex (GHRC), CHI-St. Joseph and Curative, Inc. Data are summarized weekly, and the weekly positivity (%) is the proportion of positive test results delivered out of the total number of COVID-19 tests performed for Texas A&M University affiliated individuals by these entities for that week. Numbers may change as additional test results become available from all testing sites.

Weeks marked with (*) include mandatory or targeted testing programs. Total numbers of tests will be higher during these weeks and positivity rate is expected to be lower due to a large number of asymptomatic individuals being tested.

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